Our Senior Pastor Jose Wanderlei is from a state called Paraná (Brazil). Born from a modest family on the 7th of December. Father of only one son, Anthony and husband of Adeliane, our pastor was soon called to preach the word of God around the world.

Pastored many churches in the state of Paraná (Brazil), before being sent to the missionary work in South America, helping many countries like Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. After his return to Brazil, he received a call to continue his missionary works in the Oceania in 2006, where he founded a church called Christian Agape Centre. Pastor Wanderlei has been our senior pastor since then.


  • Master in Religious Sciences
  • D. in Educational Psychology
  • Member of the General Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil (CGADB)
  • Contributor to the Construction the Book: Obreiro Aprovado
  • Writer of the Magazine: Obreiro
  • Founder of the Missionary Project: Porta da Palavra
  • Writer of: A Sindrome de Israel no Deserto


Pastor Andre D’alves was born on the 28th of September in 1979, in a family of five brothers, in Ponta Grossa (Paraná). Married to Juliane since 1999, father of Nicoli and Luiz Gustavo, pastor Andre has a master degree in Christian Education from the Theological Seminary Peniel, where he completed his studies in 2006.

Member of the ministerial body of the Church Assembly of God in Ponta Grossa, he began pastoring in 2003. Pastor Andre was sent to mission in August 2010 in New Zealand. Where since then he has been one of the pastors at Christian Agape Centre.


  • Responsible for the Department of Missions of Christian Agape Centre
  • Teacher of AIT courses
  • Leader of the Youth Group, Vertical.